20 Cars Cops Love to Pull Over

Many drivers dread that moment when they go around a sharp turn or turn around a corner and find the police waiting. These cops stare  as you drive by, and next think you know they pull behind you. Regardless of the way you drive, whether carefully or not, these cops will still chase you, and you will get pulled over.

Many drivers have had this kind of experience at least once, maybe when they were newbies, or on a day they were late for work.

No matter the reason, once you are issued a ticket you will start to reflect on the possible reasons how and why it happened. Sometimes the reason may be apparent, but most times you are left to wonder, “Did I really even do anything?”

When you look at a bright red sports car, it can be a reminder that some cars simply are ticket magnets. In this article, we will critically look at twenty vehicles that cops typically pull over; this will not be chronological, it ranges from Hondas you see in Fast and Furious to classic sports cars to the super cars of the elite.

Start slideshow below to see the full list and make sure your car isn’t on this list…